During a lifetime of flying I have visited Buenos Aires on many occasions and watched and admired Tango being danced in the Milongas. But it was not until being introduced to Bill that I´ve managed to start learning dancing it myself.

His infectious enthusiasm for the genre, deep understanding of technique and fine attention to detail, has been inspirational. He is an excellent teacher in all respects. And one who I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn to dance authentic Tango at any level.

Ian April 2019

 Larisa and I have learned a great deal in a very short time from Bill´s lessons.  Initially we where a little unsure because as we have to drive 45 min to get to Bills, but when we had more lessons we found the 1.5hrs round trip to Bills was defiantly worth it!

Bill is obviously an accomplished dancer and dance teacher and the one to one lessons we had accelerated our learning, paying greater attention to the finer detail which we missed or couldn't be taught when learning in a group.

Bill was very patient with us (and still is) a true gentleman, thank you Bill.

Steve and Larisa

 I have been studying Argentine’ Salon’ Tango with Bill Gibb for 4 years.
His quest for authenticity is to be admired as is his attention to detail.

My background is ballet and he believes, as I do, that getting the basics right is essential and more importantly should be revisited and strengthened in every lesson.

His focus is the vital ‘connection’ between the dancers which enables the lead from the male and the follow from the female.


I always wanted to learn tango but never mastered the task. For 2 years I was attending classes regularly but something was missing.. I couldn’t come to a Milonga as I felt I am not good enough yet.

I went to a lesson with Bill with my friend a complete beginner. I must say I we both improved really fast. Bill is a brilliant patient and thorough teacher. His method lays in explaining detailed movements true to tango. Sadly I collected numerous of bad habits which Bill has corrected. 

I am so glad I did .  I really grateful for such a commitment support in learning to Bill. I can come to a Milonga now with confidence!  Thank you Bill for all you work and patient


Bill has been a major influence not only because of the great Tango lessons but also his fantastic sense of humour and dedication.

Passion patience and professionalism, character, gentleman elegance style are some of the words that come to my mind while talking about Bill and his tango lessons.

He definitely helped us turn our dream of dancing Tango and Milonga into a reality. Moreover we are loving the whole experience and very much enjoying every bit of it.


As an absolute beginner Bill´s approach to starting with the fundamentals basics has been superb. Everything has been revised over several weeks before moving on to more complicated dance steps. His patience, professionalism and humour make lessons flu past. Why would anyone not want to take up Tango after learning with Bill. Thank you from someone who though she had no rhythm or an ear for mucic

Carmen March 2019 

 I consider meeting Bill Gibb to be  one of the blessings in my life. Leaning to dance, with Bill as my tutor, is pure joy. His passion for authentic salon tango is evident and infectious. I like in particular, the way in which he focuses on, and encourages, a full understanding and persistent practice of all of the basics that really are the spade work of any dance practice. Argentine Tango is challenging, in a good way! It's fun and it's rewarding. It's through Bill's careful analysis and observation that he has come up with a very personal teaching method that can help you to achieve your goals in a relatively quick time period. If you commit and put in the work. 

Bill is patient, kind, knowledgeable and above all is fun to work with. He cares deeply that all of his dance pupils steadily move towards their goals and enjoy the process. He aims to get you  to a standard of dance competence  that will enable you to partner with others who are competent and who dance to a high standard. 

He really is the best!  


 We would like to write a review for William Gibb - Bill- who has been teaching us Tango for almost a year. Bill is a wonderful Tango teacher and we highly recommend him. We enjoy the classes very much because Bill its a natural Tango teacher: not only he feels tango in his body very deeply but also he understands it and is able to teach it with clarity while transmitting his passion for this music and dance to his students with patience a method that is enjoyable and fun. 

For us as a couple it has been also very therapeutic, learning to feel each other and pick up the signals while in every tango step gentleman invites, woman responds and gentleman accompany the woman. 

Valentina Correa Bove & Lessandro Albuquerque