Social dancing and teaching in UK and Buenos Aires (including Bills Studio)

We hope to encourage interest in the local Tango scene and to help dancers to improve their ‘Salon’ etiquette, dancing skills, confidence and enjoyment of Tango where ever and whenever they dance.

Extravagant ‘Show Tango’ on the streets of central Buenos Aires.

A slightly unusual Tango from the Golden Age of Tango redolent of the rhythm and compass of the social dance

Porteño y Bailarin. A typical Buenos Aires tango salón. Note the courtesy and calm elegance of the dancers respecting each other and the music as they dance within a small space. This is typical of the atmosphere and dancing The Salon Tango Group promotes. 

The epitome of Salon Tango dancing: a classic tango song from ‘The Golden Age’, a fabulous tenor and couple in close embrace, dancing elegant un-hurried steps ‘as one’.

 *MILONGA A Milonga is a social dance gathering. But Milonga is also the name of a type of Argentine Tango dance.

For those new to Tango this link gives definitions of terms and includes a clip of some Tango and Milonga in performance.