My Passion for Dancing

took off ten years ago and Argentine Tango and Ballroom & Latin hooked me completely. Since then I have worked, danced and studied relentlessly:

In Tango, I have developed a way of teaching based on dancing and study in Argentina and I now have a small group in UK dedicated to the authentic style of the Argentinian dance. In  Ballroom I have achieved IDTA ‘International Medal’ standard and I compete at UK regional level.

Each of these dance styles is fundamentally different but like all dances they require certain core movement and rhythmical skills. The knowledge I have built over the years from each forms a vital part of my way of teaching the skills and technique needed to dance uncomplicated authentic tango'.

Uncomplicated Authentic Tango

The elegant creative social dance of Argentina and Uruguay,  where the salon is a place for great friendship in community with the joy of dancing tango at its heart.

Beginners & Improvers

Our approach is founded on this principle. We teach a clear understanding of the basic skills right from the start.

All the movements are broken down to allow steady progress using simple drills for: balance, weight-change, leg and body disassociation, torsion and pivots. (New words to beginners maybe but all easy to master – we go at a speed comfortable for all)

Our method builds on this to simplify the intricacies of HOW to lead and HOW to follow – which is the key to relaxed, enjoyable social dancing in the authentic Argentinian way.

If you’ve tried before and found it too complicated, try our approach. After just a few lessons it will guide you to a new insight to the dance and your potential.

We also teach the etiquette and insights to the culture of social dancing as found in Argentina and also within the friendly tango community of UK.  Our objective is to help the local community grow and to introduce you to the great enjoyment within it and perhaps someday for you to do the same in Buenos Aires.

More Experienced Tanguerous

We will build from your existing base with emphasis on HOW to lead and HOW to follow IE:  Invitation, Response, Accompany with greater sophistication, style and musicality.

How to master the strong but subtle gentleMAN lead and an ‘incisive individual response of the partner’.

Commonly danced figures are used as an aid to skill practice. Not as choreography learning.

We also use drills from Porteño schools in Buenos Aires and basic figures, with some of our own variations, to polish individual movement fluidity and build muscle memory to enhance creative social dancing. This is a particularly valuable way for men to build confidence in social dancing.

We teach couples and individuals. At the moment we would like more men to dance with our beginner and more advanced ladies. An initial private lesson and introduction is free of charge.

Please call Bill 07900 242311 to discuss and start your great new experience.

Bill and Tamsin