The Salon Tango Group

aka Chelteño y Bailarin

My Passion for Teaching

 In Argentina I have learned detailed technique and individual movement skills in Porteño schools and above all by dancing socially in the Milongas (dance salons) where generations hand down encouragement, knowledge and their passion.

Because this experience is not available in UK I have developed a teaching method which combines the approach of Porteño schools and dance salons of Buenos Aires with my own way of explaining and demystifying HOW to dance tango. Not as a maestro but as an ordinary dancer who has crossed the ‘minefield’ of learning Tango in UK.

Also because there are no formalised codes or set figures in Tango, as, for example, in Ballroom & Latin, I have analysed what underpins the performance style of all the maestros of'show dance'. IE basic technique, movement skills and practice. This is what I try to impart.

It wasn’t until I reached this clear understanding and stopped trying to copy the many different styles and figures I saw in UK that I was able to setup a solid foundation for my own dancing and teaching. I love passing this on and seeing pupils steadily grow towards authentic Argentinian Tangueras and Tangueros.

My approach to teaching lead and follow focuses on the detail of:


How the Man

 invites, to lead with courtesy and strength

How the Woman

responds purposefully with elegance and creativity

How the Man
accompanies the response – for both to move as one

these skills are mastered infinite creative possibilities flow.

Creative social dancing in partnership is the only aim.

If you would like to know more about me or my approach and to start or enhance your tango journey please get in touch through ‘CONTACT’ on this site.

Also for any that want to go on to show-style Tango I can recommend a number of fabulous teachers I know in UK and Buenos Aires.